Reflector le permite hacer AirPlay desde tu iPhone ó iPad a tu Mac.


-IOS fácilmente demostración aplicaciones en cualquier Mac con OS X Lion usando AirPlay Mirroring en iOS 5.
-Habilitar una envoltura iPhone o iPad y más. ¿Características? Lo tienes.
-Relajarse y jugar a cualquier juego de iOS en la pantalla de tu Mac. Es hora de que algunos GTA. (Google Traductor)

¿Qué hay de nuevo?

Version 2.1.1:

YouTube Live - You can now broadcast anything connected via AirPlay mirroring or Google Cast LIVE to an audience on YouTube! You can even broadcast multiple devices with a webcam!
Webcam Support - Reflector 2 now supports displaying of a webcam alongside mirrored devices! Great for presenting to a group or when broadcasting to YouTube Live. You can even record instructional videos that include your webcam and mirrored devices.
Reflector Student - Reflector Student is an all-new, free, iOS application coming very soon to the App Store. It allows AirPlay mirroring on networks that prevent natural discovery like classrooms and business Wi-Fi.
Record All - You can now record all devices with one press by selecting the "Record" button in the Reflector 2 recording menu bar
Recording Bar - We've moved voiceover controls, recording, broadcasting and webcam controls to an easy-to-find, centralized bar in Reflector 2's menu
Improved the Cast frame selection and "black space" cropping for better frame suggestions and less flashing when Casting an Android or Chromebook device
Improved the efficiency and reliableness of the Reflector 2 recording engine, especially with voiceovers
Improved media play back when streaming video to Reflector 2 via AirPlay or Google Cast
Refreshed the layout of the Quick Connect window to improve legibility and add support for QR code pairing in Reflector Student
Added support for bulk-deploying Reflector 2 via Apple Remote Desktop with a pre-defined configuration file
Added "Launch at login" preference to allow auto-launching of Reflector 2 on startup.
Added volume support for voiceovers to voiceover menu
Added device volume support to recordings (adjust volume on the device and recordings will obey)
Reflector 2 now saves recording to the Desktop for easy locating
Resolved several issues when using AirParrot 2 to send high-resolution video to Reflector 2
Resolved an issue that caused Reflector 2 recordings to appear shorter than normal when opened in iMovie
Resolved several slight gaps when using frames with iOS and Cast devices
Resolved several crashes when saving recordings
Resolved a crash when Reflector 2 was left running for a long period of time
Resolved a crash when a computer suddenly lost Wi-Fi
Resolved a crash on waking the Mac and Reflector 2 was previously running
Numerous miscellaneous bug fixes, stability improvements and performance updates

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