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    Predeterminado iCleaner Pro 7.2.2

    iCleaner Pro 7.2.2 [No Beta]

    Author: Exile.90

    Description: The ultimate iPhone, iPod and iPad system cleaner and optimizer.


    For iPhone, iPod and iPad!
    Compatible with: iOS 4.x to 7.x

    What does this do?

    iCleaner was born as a solution to one simple problem every iOS user has to face: the endlessly growing "Other" section.

    It is the first real iOS system cleaner. But it does much more than just that!

    iCleaner lets you strip down iOS and your installed apps by deleting unnecessary image and language files, definiction dictionaries and wallpapers.

    The results are simply amazing. Many users freed up entire gigabytes of "other" space!

    The "Pro" variant gives you even more control, by allowing you to toggle system processes, Cydia Substrate tweaks and more.

    Wow, that's great. But with that many functions, it has to be expensive...

    I wanted everyone to use this great piece of software. As a result, both the iCleaner and iCleaner Pro apps are free and ad-supported. All the functionality is right there, without spending anything.

    More advanced functions, like Activator and Flipswitch support, URL schemes and command line parameters, can be enabled by purchasing an inexpensive license. Oh, those ugly ads will be gone, too!

    [Sólo los usuarios registrados pueden ver los enlaces. ]

    New in version 7.2.X

    -Activator support
    -Flipswitch support
    -WinterBoard support

    New in version 7.2.2

    -Fixed: some apps were not appearing in the excluded apps menus.
    -Improved app detection algorithm.
    -Slight performance improvement when enumerating apps.
    -Added Albanian localization.

    También la pueden descargar de mi repo: "" junto a "CrackTool" para tenerla Full.

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