A2DPblocker - Bluetooth Stereo Profile Blocker

A2DPblocker blocks the Bluetooth Stereo Profile (A2DP - Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) from connecting on a Bluetooth enabled iOS device without completely disabling the Bluetooth hardware, which enables the iOS device to continue to perform other Bluetooth functions like make calls over Bluetooth and wirelessly control the iPod with a paired AVRCP enabled Bluetooth accessory.

Since the release of iOS 3.0, A2DP has been causing headaches for many iOS users and I was so tired of my A2DP enabled Bluetooth car kit automatically connecting to my iPhone and silencing my music that I wrote this app to avoid fumbling around with the iPod app just to change the default audio output device back to the dock connector.

This app will block A2DP from connecting and maintain the default audio output device when it's running in the foreground (including when the screen is locked on pre-iOS 5.0 or earlier devices).

You can finally disable A2DP once and for all with this app and stop manually changing the default audio output device each time your car kit, headset, or whatever A2DP enabled Bluetooth accessory you have connects to your iOS device.

- blocks A2DP.
- maintains the default audio output device.
- built-in iPod controls.
- audio playback queue (requires iOS 4.0 or later).
- default audio output to a Bluetooth headset.
- suppresses audio notification alerts.

Switch "A2DP Blocker" on and begin playing the iPod with the built-in iPod controls or an attached accessory and never worry about A2DP again. If you have iOS 4.0 or later you will need to use the "Playback Queue" feature and adjust the independent volume slider when "A2DP Blocker" is turned on to guarantee A2DP is blocked.

- requires iOS 3.1 or later.
- Bluetooth.
- microphone or other audio input.
- works best with the audio playback queue active.

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- dkanem.selfip.com

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