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What is the “Mourinho Tactical Board”?
It’s a software that allows us to manage and plan the tactical structure of our team and the teams that we are going to play against during a complete season.

This application allows the creation of multiple global tactical positions and also the preparation of several set pieces both offensive and defensive according to the game that you want to address.
This application isn't designed only for coaches.
It can also be a great tool for other people involved with the game at many levels: executives, fans, journalists, sports commentators, old, young and all who love the wonderful and exciting sport that is football.

As you have noticed while watching a match, managers and coaches use papers, game boards, notebooks, sticky notes and other solutions to help them determine their decisions during the game. Usually these decisions are made under pressure and have as basis scenarios previously covered during the training process such as a player’s condition or the specific moment of the game. These decisions when conveyed to the players must be must be reliable, fast and accurate. Our goal for this application is to improve the way this information is managed and used.

Taking advantage of the best tools that technology has to offer nowadays, we created an application that allows coaches to save all the information about the team, the players, the way that the team plays but also allows to save all the information about their opponents and the way they play.

This software can improve the way that the information is transmitted onto the field during the game, and also how this information is managed after the game.

Main features

-User friendly
-Lightweight (doesn't slow your tablet or desktop)
-Colored lines
-Full court or half court
-Export and share your plays by email
-Just press play and show your animated tactical sequences
-High quality graphics
-Improves the communication between player and team’s staff
-Substitution manager
-Create, save and load your own plays
-Available for iPad, Android, Windows MacOS, Linux and Blackberry Playbook

Available languages:





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