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What's new in Version 1.0.1
☣☣ Current Update(1.0.1) ☣☣

☣ New Features

⋆ IronSight
⋆ Easy and Hard difficulty missions
⋆ GameCenter support (26 Achievements)
⋆ New weapon: Remington Tactics

☣ Bug Fixing

⋆ Bank will not disappear
⋆ Money Booster is working properly
⋆ Blood particles on hit, even when zombie is dying or is dead
⋆ Fixed minor issues in contests
⋆ Fixed stutter when enemies use an obstacle for the first time
⋆ Removed some debug logs
⋆ Various fixes in missions and graphics

☣ Tweaks

⋆ Player can move while throwing grenades
⋆ Prices of some weapons are lowered
⋆ Higher chance of contest spawning
⋆ Running zombies appear sooner in the game
⋆ Spitting zombies appear sooner in the game
⋆ Improved injury animations

☣☣ New features in next Update(1.1.0) ☣☣

⋆ First Survival Arena
⋆ Two new environments
⋆ Two new Zombies
⋆ New weapon: Chainsaw
⋆ New weapon: Boat Motor
⋆ Cloud support

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