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alguien sabe a que se refieren con esto?
me huele a que ya están avanzando!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ciavanni this BF effort is sort of a detour, one we've never explored before. We've got an iPhone ready to be unlocked officially, so...

@0xfaiz @jawad6 latest: BB code allows for up to 54-bit NCK. Next: capture real NCK unlock, see if they use them all

@Rockscarr we work on unlock stuff regardless of what's going on in the SIM interposer business (always have!)


@0xfaiz that's good! so they're actually doing a bf to confirm theory and then will come a release? I hope so! I ment like this!

R: 0xfaiz @ciavanni They know almost 60% of the unlock code, they're trying to find the rest, and write a tool for your phone to "produce" it.

Hi @MertCanYalhi !! Are you enjoing your UL (UnLock) Iphone? Ehm, Why don't you ask @MuscleNerd & @sherif_hashim may be you can send some BB dumps!

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