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Tengo un iPod Touch 4G
Jailbreak: Si
Predeterminado Re: Progreso JailBreak iPod Touch 2G

-Create iBoot 2.x Communication Tool (DONE - See 'iRecovery' in SVN trunk)

-Look at new DFU Mode proctool (DONE - It seems to be the equivalant of WTF 2.0 that iTunes attempts to strap onto old devices (iTouch 1G, iPhones) when they are plugged in. Device ID is 0x1227 instead of 0x1222)

-Get Filesystem Dump (DONE)

-Find exploit to run unsigned code at DFU / iBoot level (DONE - arm7_go exploit)

-Find out how to utilize this exploit to actually run helpful code (DONE - 0wnboot payload)

-Dump Bootrom to find an exploit there (DONE - "SecureROM for s5l8720xsi, Copyright 2008, Apple Inc." - thanks for the neat discovery pod2g!)

-Find exploit to make the bootrom signature check pass on a patched LLB (Not yet complete)

PD:ivan92 y roodri, y los demas no sigan con lo mismo, ivan92 ya recibio una advertencia por su comportamiento anterior, repito: no sigamos!

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